Queen Ifrica ha composto Black woman con il proposito di incoraggiare le donne ad avere più rispetto per se stesse. A tal fine ha dichiarato: “Black Woman was kind of my idea of reminding black women that we’re not boring or stuck up but also we love ourselves and we respect ourselves, so even if you see us dancing and behaving in a particular way it don’t mean seh that’s who we are. The song is not to mock the woman who wants to enjoy herself, just be reminded that you
are more than just that — kotching up and skinning out. There’s a lot more to the black woman than her shaking her ass.”

Sta per uscire il video di Black Woman che Queen Ifrica ha registrato l’8 marzo scorso all’International Women’s Day.
Proponiamo un’altra versione live registrata alla BBC Radio,
altrettanto affascinante di quella presente nel suo terzo album Climb.